Collecting and Preserving the History of Springfield, NY since 1959. 


Genealogical research is available through the Springfield Historical Society, although we have limited resources available here.
If you would like assistance, please be specific about your needs and where you have already searched. We can send you a form to highlight the specifics of your search.  We are a small Society of few volunteers and would be as helpful as we can to you. If we cannot assist further, we will let you know and direct you where you might search further. We also have an experienced genealogist whom we can recommend for pay, to do research for you, by contacting us. 

There is a charge per page for copying photos and documents. Due to the staffing of the society, we devote research time to you by providing the documents we have in our files and in our collection.  We ask that you make a donation in kind for the time spent assisting you in your research, and appreciate your donation.

For materials mailed, we will quote you the cost to mail the item to you and add that to the cost of the item(s) you order and either call or text you the amount total.

As always, a donation to the Springfield Historical Society is most appreciated. 

Here is a link to genealogy worksheets for kids:

And a link to an excellent site for many sources for beginning genealogy
for adults: